Hotel Artysans – The Vision

Hotel Artysans - Artist Impression

10th April 2013

To deliver exceptional customer service, every time, while transforming the way young people learn. What sets us apart is our ability to align our customers, our business and our young people.

With our business partners, Albyn Housing Society, Calman is working towards establishing a commercial hotel on the site of the new Inverness campus, planned opening date 2016

As at our Cafe Artysans, every task is a training experience, and every year, using the Calman proven model of work-based learning, 40 young people will learn while they work consistently to the high standard required in a 4-star hotel, with opportunity to achieve a qualification in one or more of the many trades found within a quality hotel.

The business model is designed to maximise hotel income and use surplus generated towards the social benefit of real-work training for young people who are not engaged in mainstream learning. It is projected that after 5 years operating, hotel income will meet the costs of training for the long term, independent of requirement for public funding.