Jamie Bird

8th April 2013

Jamie Bird had been looking for work for two years before the Jobcentre Plus pointed him in the direction of the Calman Trust. He’s now worked with them since June 2010, and been an important member of the Café Artysans team since it opened.

With the Modern Apprenticeship firmly under his belt, Jamie works at Café Artysans, still learning, and at the same time helping to train newer members of the team. He can turn out excellent plates of food and has also been involved in areas such as stock management and customer service.

Jamie’s now actively looking for work – preferably something non-desk-based such as an apprentice electrician or forestry work – and the many transferable skills he’s learnt have equipped him well for future work. He receives support from the team, searching and applying for suitable jobs, and working on his CV.

Jamie too is extremely enthusiastic about Artysans, the skills he’s learned and the benefits it offers: “It gives you much more confidence about working life. And it teaches you loads, as it’s properly structured. And it means a lot that I’ve got mates, too, working at Artysans.”