15th August 2014

Calman has recently received funding from the Scottish Government through the Emergency Food Fund to develop a new website that focuses on young people’s experiences of cooking good food on a budget. Many of us take knowledge about cooking and nutrition for granted, but our experience is that it is often the case that many young people lack the basic skills and knowledge needed to be confident preparing healthy and affordable food. This website will look to build on our existing Cookwell and H-eatwell services by making our cooking knowledge accessible to a wider audience in the Highlands and beyond. It will also allow us to reach those in rural areas who do not yet have access to one of our H-eatwell groups.

Our website will aim to be more than just a collection of recipes. We are looking to create an engaging platform for young people to discuss their experiences, get information on nutrition, health and other practical matters. This website will also be connected to Calman’s other online resources so that young people will be able to easily access information on housing, training and employment if they wish.

We are also looking to develop a 2015 calendar with hints and tips for cooking good food on a budget.

Calman believes that these resources will be of particular help to individuals and families who currently rely on food banks for emergency assistance.

For more information on this development, contact