About Us

Who are Calman?

Calman is a young people’s service based in the Highlands that offers housing support, training, employment opportunities, cooking services and general support to young people looking to get on the road to independent living.

Our motto is – “Working with young people to discover their future.” This single aim informs the all the work that Calman does.

Our guiding principle is that, with support to overcome the challenges experienced on the way to an independent adulthood, every young person is capable of achieving great things. Calman’s services aim to help every young person we work with achieve this potential.

You can read more about the way Calman operates by finding out about our core values.


Our History

‘Calman’ is the gaelic word for dove and our dove symbol is taken from the familiar story of Noah’s Ark. Calman’s philosophy is inspired by this story – we want young people using our service to be confident that we can help them to find their own place of peace and security as they move towards independent living.

Calman was founded in the Highlands in 1998 to help young people at risk of homelessness. We worked with just 4 people in that first year. Now, Calman works with over 400 young people, helping and supporting them with a range of issues, offering accredited training and providing employment opportunities with our social enterprises. Calman has been operating now for over 15 years and having recently been awarded a Social Enterprise Scotland Award and so we have a proven and respected track record for helping young people.

Calman still focuses on housing support but we now have expanded our scope in order to offer a holistic service to young people. We are also continuing to develop new services in order to ensure that young people have every chance to reach their full potential. You can read about these developments here.