Board of Management

The day-to-day running of Calman is looked after by the Chief Executive and her team. However, the Calman Trust also benefits from expert oversight from our Board of Directors who come from a range of backgrounds to ensure Calman has advice and leadership from both business and social experts. Crucially, our Board also ensures that Calman’s finances are run responsibly so that our resources are used where they are needed most – helping young people across the Highlands.

fiona brown
Fiona Brown

Fiona is chair of the Calman Board of Directors. She has a background in social work and a strong commitment to enabling young people to have the best possible opportunity to make the most of their abilities.

alasdair sharp
Alasdair Sharp

Alasdair was born and brought up on the Black Isle. After 35 years in the Royal Bank he returned to the small family farm from where he runs a consultancy business. He joined Calman Trust in 2009 and became Chairman of our trading arm, Calman Enterprise in 2011. He is also a Director of Techmedia start-up company.

karen maclean-yuille
Karen Maclean-Yuille

Karen has worked within the social enterprise sector in Scotland for 13 years and has extensive experience of all aspects of project and social enterprise development. Karen was the Chief Executive of Social Firms Scotland before establishing HISEZ in 2003. Karen has been an associate business adviser with HISEZ CIC since 2008 working on a number of different projects including Board                                      development, feasibility studies and community consultation. She became a                                             Director of Calman Trust and Calman Enterprise in October 2012.

david fraser
David Fraser

David Fraser, having spent his working life in business, is enthusiastic that young people secure a good job or start up their own business in the Highlands. David was the first managing director of Microsoft Europe and had formed set up several other businesses across the world. David is the current chair of the Strathspey Railway Charitable Trust, CEO and director of Strathspey Railway Company and                                                   non-executive director of the Cairngorm Business Partnership.

sheila fraser
Sheila Fraser

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