Our Values

Calman-Trust---IMF-Case-Study---Image-2---Web-Page(1)The work of the Calman Trust is informed by a set of core beliefs and values that guide the way we relate with young people across all of our activities and projects. At the heart of Calman’s values is building relationships with young people to help them make changes that are sustainable. Our experience is that by treating people holistically, helping them engage with the local community and providing them with positive role-models that we can lay the foundations for real change in their lives.

In this spirit, every member of the Calman team is trained to put the following values at the centre of what they do:

  • Honesty and respect

Everyone involved with Calman must live up to the standards we wish to foster in young people. By treating everyone who works with us honestly and with respect we look to inspire the same integrity in them when they engage with the local community, when dealing with employers and, ultimately, in the way they choose to live their lives.

  • Focus on independence

From the very outset of our support, the focus is on helping them to develop the skills and capacity to move on and manage their life independently once their time with Calman is at an end.

  • Sustainable change must be meaningful and relevant

Experience shows that young people only sustain positive change when they understand and endorse the change themselves. They also need the belief and capacity to achieve their goals. Every young person will receive an individual plan containing what they want to achieve and how Calman can help them achieve it.

  • Learn by Doing

Calman believes those we work with should ‘learn by doing’ – our training programmes and social enterprises emphasise developing the practical skills that are essential to living independently and finding employment in the future.

  • Commitment to solutions

Calman is concerned with finding solutions to problems young people face now and in the future. As such we emphasise the young person’s abilities, not any underlying disadvantage or difficulties. By demonstrating that finding solutions is possible we look to equip people with the ability to confront and solve problems themselves.

  • Acceptance, not Tolerance

Calman focuses on accepting young people fully as fellow members of the community. We believe every young person has valuable potential and will work alongside them non-judgementally; accepting rather than merely tolerating the character of the young person.

  • Made stronger through challenge

We believe that young people must be challenged so that they learn the skills to be able to help themselves in the future. Successfully overcoming challenges, with Calman’s help, gives those we work with the confidence and ability to take control of their personal circumstances and deal with future challenges independently.