Having a secure housing situation is something many of us take for granted. However, in many circumstances a young person’s performance at work can be linked directly to their housing circumstances. When a young person is experiencing uncertainty about their housing this can affect their attendance, focus and motivation at work.  Of course, stressful housing issues can affect anyone but our experience is that young people on limited means and with less practical experience of the housing market suffer from these issues more than most. The result is often that this disruption caused by housing issues results in young employees struggling to meet the expectations of their employers.

IMG_0531 Calman’s Housing Support service can help young people who have specific housing difficulties, or who are just finding it difficult to sustain independent living. We can also provide young people with support to address the underlying issues that can threaten their stability at home or work. Young people are the workforce of the future, and it is important that their potential is nurtured and encouraged; it is also crucial to be realistic and appreciate the various difficulties faced by young people on the road to independence. A little help at the right time can make the difference between having a good employee or a constant problem.

If you employ a young person who might be experiencing difficulty with their housing circumstances, or struggling with life in general, and are looking for ways to support your employee then a good way to help is to make them aware of our housing support service. Any support offered by Calman will take place away from the workplace and without interruption to your business.

Contact the support team:
Inverness – 01463 248630 or joanna@calman.org
Easter Ross – 01349 883388 or doreen@calman.org