About our Social Enterprises

One of the great advantages of employing young people in our social enterprises is that we have control over the sort of work they do, the training they receive and the expectations of those who work with us.

Calman’s social enterprises’ main focus is on quality. Our businesses compete on an equal basis with other high-street competitors – the marketing and running of our enterprises is based on the premise that customers choose to use our businesses primarily because of their superior service and produce. We believe that not only does this quality-driven approach help ensure our businesses are profitable and well-respected but it is also in the best interests of our trainees leave Calman with experience of working as valuable team-members in a highly competitive business. Only by having quality enterprises can we produce graduates who themselves will be of the quality required to find engaging and meaningful employment opportunities.

aaBy giving young people training and work that will challenge them, we treat them with the respect that is necessary for them to realise their strengths and help them reach their potential. In giving our trainees responsibility, and supporting them to fulfil these responsibilities, we push them towards having the confidence that they can successfully live and work independently.

This means that, at the end of a placement with Calman, young people are equipped to enter the job market with a competitive set of skills rather than being at the bottom of the pile. The aim is that the experiences of working with Calman will push young people towards rewarding long-term employment, developing their career goals or into further training.

Calman’s social enterprises are also an important component of our wider charitable strategy as the profits from our competitive businesses can be re-invested into funding our housing support, training, cooking classes and other services. This allows us to help more young people across the Highlands and allows Calman to expand without being entirely reliant on public funding and donations. Ultimately, our aim is that the social enterprises will be successful enough to allow Calman to operate largely by relying on the profits generated by these businesses.

For more information about the work of any of our social enterprises, to discuss hiring any of our trainees or if you are interested in working with one of our social enterprises contact:

info@calman.org – for general queries

07701015002 or bill.hickey@calman.org – for recruitment queries.

The links to the commercial websites for each of our social enterprises can be accessed by navigating to ‘The Calman Network’ tab on the top right-hand side of your page.