NESSCalman took over the running of Ness Soap, already a popular brand in the Highlands, in 2013 and currently over 25 trainees are currently working with our dedicated team making and selling handmade luxury toiletries. We have a outlet operating from Strothers Lane next to our Café Artysans and an online shop that offers home delivery.

Traineeships at Ness are hands-on and those working there will be involved in the whole range of activities from preparing the ingredients, making a range of products and managing the shopfront. Ness focuses on making quality products so trainees are expected to work to a high standard and ensure every product meets our expectations – our experience is that, with good initial supervision, trainees respond to our challenge with hard work and great success. Being involved in both production and sales means that our trainees can really get involved with how a business runs and see how their work contributes to the final product that goes on the shelf – this involvement means that our placements are more than just a job for our trainees but are also a valuable learning experience.

The wide range of activities involved in running Ness means that there is almost always something suitable for a trainee to be involved with, whatever level they may be at when they come to Calman initially. Our training team will then work with the individual trainee, according to a tailor-made plan, to support them as they progress into different roles during their time at Ness.

Any prospective customers should see Ness Handmade Toiletries commercial website here or by navigating there through the ‘Calman Network’ links on the top right hand side of the site.