At Calman we understand the challenges facing employers and the risks of employing young people who have recently left education or have little work experience. Employers expect new employees to have appropriate attitudes towards work and an understanding of the world of work. In reality, many employers have experienced difficulty in recruiting staff into entry-level posts and find that many young people are unable to consistently perform to the level expected as they do not have the skills or experience required. Specific areas of concern can be timekeeping, attendance, ability to work effectively with others, to behave appropriately and to complete and finish tasks effectively and efficiently.

IMG_5109This situation is unhelpful for both employer and young employees. To address these issues, Calman provides training and work experience opportunities for young people to develop their skills for work. Trainees can progress through each level of training from foundational core employability skills through to more technical skills for the workplace.

Our hands-on approach ensures young people gain practical knowledge and experience, and often we organise for trainees to demonstrate their skills working within our social enterprises including hospitality, craft production, digital design and print, digital media production and arts. Calman’s training is designed to measure hard evidence of the young person’s competence in the workplace by ensuring their skills are demonstrated consistently over time. We also strive to make the skills we teach as transferable as possible so that our trainees are able to work in a wide range of industries.

Young people who graduate from Calman have a real understanding that in order to progress in their career there must be a starting point and that entry-level posts will require dedication, enthusiasm and an understanding that there are parts of every job that might not be the most enjoyable but need to be done well.

By providing regular advice and guidance, we help young people identify their career choices and interests; this ensures that when applying for employment positions they will have a genuine interest and enthusiasm in working in the area chosen, and ultimately, in working for your business.

What does Calman offer an employer?

We will:

  • Work with you to identify your recruitment needs.
  • Tailor our training to ensure young people progressing on from Calman meet your business needs.
  • Identify suitable candidates to help you fill vacancies.
  • Help secure any funding available to help with employment or training costs.
  • Agree a plan with you and the young person and provide support to ensure the young person sustains the level of performance expected and continues to develop their skills to meet the needs of your business.

How will you benefit?

Employers working with Calman will benefit from an effective, free service including:

  • Support with recruitment and selection, saving valuable time and reducing costs.
  • The opportunity to employ a Calman graduate who has consistently demonstrated sound workplace skills and behaviour within real business contexts. These skills provide a solid foundation upon which further targeted learning can be built through on the job training to tailor the employees skills to your needs.
  • If desired, Calman can offer support from a dedicated employer liaison to help the young person settle into their role and provide further help along the way for as long as it is required.

For information about our training process and to discuss hiring our trainees contact:

Inverness – 01463 709973 or training@calman.org
Easter Ross – 01349 855200 or training@calman.org

Bill Hickey (Training Services Manager) – 07701015002 or bill.hickey@calman.org