Young People

develop the skills that are needed in the workplaceWe know that the job market can be tough. Often employers will say they want staff with experience and, without previous job experience, training or impressive qualifications, it can be hard to know what to say when writing applications or being interviewed. The problem is: how do you get experience if you can’t get a job in the first place?

This is where Calman can help. Working with Calman, learning some new skills and getting employment experience under your belt can help solve this problem. We can help you decide what type of job you want to do or choose a college or university place if you need to get some qualifications. We can also help you make decisions about your career, try out working in different industries and get valuable experience to support your job applications. Finally, we can offer paid jobs in our own businesses such as Cafe Artysans, our print and design business Made by ArtysansNess Handmade Toiletries or in any industry of your choice. Best of all, Calman’s services are completely free for young people.

Over 75% of young people who come to Calman move into a job or further education and we can continue to offer you advice and support with your career even after you have left us.

Calman’s training programmes can help you:

  • prepare for and find employment.
  • gain new qualifications and skills.
  • give you experiences of different jobs and gain work experience.
  • provide advice and support on how to find a new direction.

Who is Calman training for?

Any young person who is 14 – 25 years old who does not have a job and is not in college can come to us for a bit of help. You might have tried different training courses or jobs and it hasn’t worked out for you – Calman aims to do things differently by focusing on giving you practical experience, useful support and working with you at your own pace to achieve whatever you want to achieve. Young people can get involved with Calman in lots of ways and the best way to work out how we can help is to get in touch. We can even work with you if are still at school as part of the school timetable to help you move into a job or college place more easily when you leave school.

How can you become involved?

Contact the training team with any questions or for a chat about how we can help:
Inverness – 01463 709973 or
Easter Ross – 01349 855200 or