Professionals – How can we help?

Every young person is different and has different needs – this means that finding the right support for them can be difficult. Calman aims to provide a flexible, holistic service that meets a range of different needs of young people across the Highlands. Our services are primarily aimed at engaging with young people in order to support them as they transition into living independently. We know that successful independence requires a number of things – from the essentials such as having somewhere secure to live and knowing how to cook a cheap, nutritious meal to having the training and experience to succeed in the employment market.

To find out about our cornerstone Housing Support service – click here.

For information on the various training schemes we offer – see Calman Training.

For information about H-eatWell and Cookwell, our two schemes for tackling food and fuel poverty – click here.

To find out about the work of our award-winning social enterprises – click here.

We are always keen to hear from professionals, organisations and interested parties who want to learn more about what we do, work in partnership with Calman or to make a referral to one of our services. To get in touch with one of our staff, please visit our Contact Us page.