Dylan started with Calman by attending H-eat Up, the cooking-on-a-budget programme we provide for young people.  This programme also provides a small but safe social environment for young people to engage with regular activity and each other.  Dylan did really well on his first day at cook group, and started to attend regularly.  He was always on time, helpful, considerate of others, and appeared to be gaining confidence. 

After a while, Dylan asked if there was a possibility of starting work experience at Artysans, in the kitchen.  He seemed ready to give it a go, he had the right attitude and a good understanding of the responsibility required.  After a chat with Ross Davie (Head Chef at Artysans), it was decided to start Dylan on Fridays and Saturdays, 10am – 3pm. Dylan did a great job and Ross was pleased with him so when a Modern Apprenticeship became available within the Calman Trust, Dylan was encouraged to apply.  Dylan was successful in his application, which was fantastic and he continues to do well – Great job Dylan!