By working at our social enterprise Cafe Artysans based in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands, young people learn to provide a customer experience or be part of the busy kitchen team. 

At Cafe Artysans we provide experience in a real catering and retail business, covering kitchen, front of house and retail duties, engaging with real customers and operating to high quality industry standard. The skills that young people learn at Cafe Artysans will prepare them to work in any business.

With our catering service, we stick to the same principles that serve us so well at Cafe Artysans: good quality local ingredients, everything prepared freshly to order and delivered with a friendly professional service at all times.

Every penny made at Cafe Artysans is used to improve the life chances of young people in the Highlands for whom we anticipate finding employment will be much harder during and post COVID-19.

To find out more about Cafe Artysans please visit