"I have been volunteering with Calman for over 5 years now and still enjoying it as much as ever. I got involved through my friend who worked for Calman, I started because I really enjoy cooking and felt it would be a good way to give some of my time to help others. Over the years I think I have learnt almost as much as the young people have; I have met so many interesting and friendly people. 

There have been challenging cooking session but I've often left feeling I have helped the young people and they have learned something they can do on their own. I have also met a friend for life, working with another lovely volunteer." 

Lizzie, Volunteer at Calman Trust

"My love of cooking and being part of a team was very much missed when I retired.  After a little time out, I looked for something I could be of help to. I found Calman Trust and I give one morning a week (10.00 - 13.00) helping 3-4 young people with cooking tips. We cook what they want to and chat a lot! I can honestly say I get as much from our time together as they do." 

Kathy, Volunteer at Calman Trust