Without the ability to manage daily living or to find and keep a job, young people are at risk of being left behind in a life of poverty.  Not only is this an isolating experience for the individual: our communities are poorer when some are not able to play their part. 

What we can offer

Recognising this, Calman Trust offers a place where young people aged 14-25 can develop the skills and confidence to take the next steps towards independent living and the world of work.

  • Young people who have experienced difficulty at home or in school can rely on a consistent, steady relationship with a member of the team, who takes time to understand their needs. This includes their need to feel comfortable and ready to learn new things in preparation for moving forwards at a pace they can manage. 


  • Young people who learn better in a practical setting can have the opportunity to learn through a personal plan that includes work experience or full- or part-time jobs in our Café Artysans social enterprise. 

Personal plans

Every young person is different, and after getting to know them and their particular needs we look to agree a personal plan that the young person can see reflecting their hopes for the future, and therefore owned by the young person as they move forward. 

All young people will be offered the combination of learning and support in order to manage life’s challenges. 

Who we work with 

We will work with young people or their family directly, or with the services that work with them, including Skills Development Scotland, Schools, Social Work or Criminal Justice, Health Services, including mental health, occupational therapy, housing or homelessness services. To discuss further what we do please contact us